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10 Web Design Trends to Love in 2015

2015 has brought a lot of comebacks so far; fringe, overalls, and wide leg pants are some of the come backs in the fashion world. While we don’t completely agree with all of these fashion trends, there are comebacks with web design trends that we are smitten with.

10 Web Design Trends Our Designer Loves

  1. Split Screen – Split screen allows you to have two main focuses on one screen. Double the information or image and double the fun. If you are running two promotions it doesn’t make you choose on which one is more important than the other.
  2. Block Grids – The block grid is a very chunky, but clean feel. Full screen allows you to maximize the space, but also keeps everything organized and in it’s own box. It does not give any one element more importance than the other when they are all of equal size.
  3. Large and Simple – One large image and one large statement is a huge trend in 2015. The bigger the better. This makes the user  focus on one large element and then pushes you to navigate to others or scroll down for more information. This has a surprise factor to it that our designer is especially.
  4. Integrating Google Maps- Specifically we are talking about the Google Maps street view here. This is a newer trend that will start catching on more instead of traditional map views. In reality, who wants to view a boring map when you can interact with street views of the location you are interested in.
  5. Great Photography – And praise the lord, we are loving it. People are finally realizing that the power of great photography carries for their company or business makes it a must. Having clean crisp images to represent yourself is worth more than any copy could be. People are skimming the internet faster than ever now. You need something that will truly catch their eye.
  6. Video Background – Looping a video in the background of a opening page really catches the user’s attention. If something is moving, then the viewer is more likely to stay and play for a while. Full screen videos gives a company a great way to show off 15 seconds of what they got.
  7. Building For Mobile First – With over 1.2 billion mobile users, we have to think progressively. How can we make it the best possible experience for the user at any screen size. Mobile is winning by a long shot, and that’s exactly where any designer should start.
  8. Single Page Design- When done right these sites can be to die for.
  9. Flat Design – Slightly hipster, but very cool. We love the use of the right colors in the right places. Flat design is actually a lot harder than it looks. Simplifying means taking design to the next level.
  10. Animation is Back – Allowing the user to interact with the design is the best way to keep them there longer. Swipe, scroll, and JUMP your way through the site. Make it more than a website, make it an experience.