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5 Ways Businesses Use Great Storytelling To Share Their Brand

Earlier this week, we wrote about five important ways advertisers could use storytelling to communicate their brand to new and existing audiences. Here are some businesses that have excelled by using these tactics in their advertisements.


In order to have a story, you have to have characters. Google created an advertisement that told the story of two childhood best friends who were separated since the Partition of India in 1947. The man’s granddaughter uses Google to search for his long-lost best friend to reunite them. In this heartwarming story, viewers watch as the characters meet once again. Google continued the story of the two best friends into a series of advertisements.

Beginning, Middle and End

Many companies are surprising audiences by using storytelling to grow their brand. For instance, Extra Gum’s “The Story of Sarah & Juan” commercial shows how gum can be the connection to a boy and a girl in a very inspiring and beautiful way.


Human Connection

One of the best things a business can do is create advertisements that resonate with their customers. Consumers enjoy content that is not only visually and audibly appealing, but also emotionally. Consumers want to know that businesses understand them and relate to the everyday joys and struggles we face.

Allstate’s “Mayhem” series is a perfect example of using human connection to tell their brand and mission. Allstate sells their business by personifying automobile accidents as a character bent on destruction and chaos resulting in a series of content that is relatable to large audiences. Even years later, Allstate’s Mayhem commercials are still popular.


Use Visuals

Over the years, Apple has continuously proven to be leaders in creating visually appealing ad spots. In Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” series, 15 second videos play on screen with a 15-second snippet of music. The advertisement shows audiences the capabilities of the iPhone 6. The music, accompanied with the video work to tell a simple short story in an artistic manner. Check out, “Shot on iPhone by Craig J.”


Tell a Story that Matters

When you were younger, do you remember the moment you knew what you wanted be when you grew up? Nike’s “Spark Brilliance” commercial explores the story of a boy who gets inspired to be an athlete after watching a game on TV and shows what you can achieve through hard work, will and dedication.