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Facebook Business Manager: What You Need to Know

On Monday April 28th, Facebook released the new Business Manager tool to assist businesses with organizing and streamlining their Facebook pages, ads, apps and the people who work on them. This newest feature of Facebook could prove to make doing business across the social platform a whole heck of a lot quicker and easier.

What is it?

The tool is intended to make setting up and managing multiple campaigns and business accounts much simpler by positioning everything in one place. It also allows the owner to clearly define who has access to the business Facebook properties as the company’s needs change. Business Manager allows agencies to share materials without providing login details to multiple contributors of the campaign. Contributors can gain access to pages and accounts with their own login credentials without having to be friends with other people to gain access. This feature was previously only available to Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers.

How Does it Work?

For example, you own a business that has several accounts. These accounts include ad accounts, ad pages, secondary accounts, ad specials, etc. You now have a way to manage all facets of these accounts and control who gains access over each account and page on one screen. The manager will also show external partners with access to your pages, ad accounts and apps.  Finally, it makes it much easier for users to differentiate their personal and business Facebook accounts. They can now gain access with their own Facebook login as long as they have been granted the correct permissions.

How Do I Get it?

If you are a large agency or business, contact a Facebook sales representative or go to the Facebook Business Manager website and enter your contact information. A Business Manager will contact you from there