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Fundamentals of a GREAT Blog

Writing a blog is easy, right? Sure.

Writing a GREAT blog, not so much.

Our digital driven lifestyles cause us to scroll through our news feeds constantly, so it takes some effort to catch our attention. Knowing the fundamentals of a great blog can help you write something that will capture your audience. If your goal is to have people interact with your blog, keep reading.


The title is the first thing you see. Perhaps, it is the most important piece of a blog. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t work in this scenario as that is exactly what readers will do with your blog: Judge the blog by its title. So, pick something that stands out and will make your audience want to click.


So, the readers are interested in the title and they decide to click to read. Now what? Most likely they know what the topic is from the title, but it is important to stay on topic. Don’t reel your audience in with one topic and change courses mid-blog. Make sure the content is consistent and relevant with your title. This will prevent readers from bouncing off of your blog and onto something else


One of JUMP’s mantras is “Show don’t Tell”. This is a great mantra to have for blog writing as well. It helps to guide the reader with images that illustrate the topic you are covering. For instance, an infographic would be great to illustrate processes and summarize data. Infographics quickly provide the reader with a summary of information that is easy to digest.


It is important to have a fresh set of eyes looking at your work. At JUMP, we always ‘buddy check’ each other’s work. It encourages new ideas, invites different perspectives, and prevents basic writing errors. Having someone review your work before it goes out to the world will give you the feedback you need to make your blog GREAT.


So, you’ve got yourself a GREAT blog. But, what is the point of posting a GREAT blog that no one will see? Make sure your blog is search engine optimized so that people looking for your blog actually find it. Also, don’t hesitate to promote your blog. Social media is a great place to start sharing and promoting your blog.