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How a Production Agency Can Help Your Internal Marketing Team

No one understands your business better than you do. Each strategic decision you’ve made to propel your business forward has been supported by the thriving internal marketing department you’ve worked hard to build, and you’re proud of your team for delivering thoughtful, consistent, and quality content. But as technology and consumer expectations continue to rapidly evolve, you may start to explore partnerships with external marketing and production agencies to help keep up with the demand.

The Evolution of Marketing in 2022

The modern business landscape was irrevocably changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only was it necessary to adapt to the quickly changing social and safety protocols to keep your business running and your employees safe, but it also challenged you to continue to meet the needs of your consumers as their expectations increased. Like many businesses, you may have been challenged to find creative solutions to new problems.

As consumer needs continue to grow exponentially, more is expected from marketing departments. Marketers now need to deliver quick, catchy content that not only drives higher digital engagement, but that also cultivates new consumer data sources  and adjusts previous strategies to connect consumer needs with business capabilities. Tackling this ever-changing digital landscape can be overwhelming to even the most accomplished internal marketing teams. Enlisting the support of a seasoned production partner as an extension of your marketing team can enable you to scale your business while adapting to modern expectations.

What is a Production Agency?

Production agencies produce media content that is used in creating content for marketing tactics, social media and ad campaigns. Production teams often generate scripts, film video spots, handle photo shoots, mix audio and provide any editing and post-production support. But full-service production agencies, like (spark), take production a step further, offering additional capabilities like website and app development, trade show planning and design, and one-off project executions to helping clients produce what they need exactly when they need it.

As a full-service production agency, (spark) is designed to plug into to our clients’ existing marketing teams and only play the roles you need us to play. We integrate human connection with technology to deliver successful media campaigns for our clients. We coordinate production logistics and schedules, create brand-specific photo and video content, and ensure that each campaign is executed successfully. We partner with you and your talented team – we don’t compete with you.

How Will a Production Partner Grow My Business?

Adding a production agency as an extension of your existing marketing team has multiple benefits. Let’s examine how collaborating with a production agency can boost your business:

New injection of creativity

As a marketing professional, you understand that lifecycle marketing strategies can become monotonous and underperforming if they aren’t consistently adjusted and updated with fresh input. Adding a production partner to the mix can inject creativity and new ideas into your existing marketing strategy and enable your brand to reach new audiences or build stronger connections with existing customers

Closing the skills gap

While upskilling employees definitely is a priority, your internal team members cannot be expected to expand their capabilities and fill every marketing need successfully, especially in the area of production. Even the most talented marketing teams have limitations, and external agencies that offer production services can fill the skills gap for your internal team by producing incredible visual content for your brand’s current and future campaigns.

Help handling the workload

Some projects and deadlines require immediate attention from your entire marketing team, which means that other projects get sidelined and delayed. Partnering with an external production agency affords your team the flexibility to focus on pressing deadlines while knowing the external agency can continue to work on your other projects so that nothing falls behind.

Offset production costs

Production equipment and software is often expensive, and lack of access to newer, bigger or simpler production tools can severely limit in-house marketing teams and restrict the creativity of ad campaigns. Production agencies can offer access to greater production technology and enable your brand to produce more innovative campaigns that connect with modern audiences on a deeper level.

Do you need a production partner to work alongside your internal marketing team and help your brand reach its full potential? (spark) brings the speed, agility and collaborative spirit to inject that production magic into your marketing strategy.