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How To Use Animation in a Redesign

If your company is going to re-vamp your website, you might want to consider adding a touch of animation to the mix. Animations can cause users to become more engaged with your website, while also making them want to revisit because of the shareable content it may have. Let’s take a look at what kinds of animation might be used in a website redesign.



Delight your users with micro-interactions such as a bell ringing (wiggling) when they receive a notification. Micro-interactions are better than no interactions because they provide tips and emotion—users feel as if they are being rewarded!

Draw attention to CTAs


Show movement around a button to encourage a user to click to learn more or provide other directional cues on a page that impact decisions made by the user (for example, a cue to click through to another screen.)

Video Headers/Hero Sections


Allow the site to instantly engage the user upon entrance by presenting movement above the fold.

Draw attention to areas of focus


Subtle animations with icons that compliment your brand *ahem* like Spark’s website. We like to have the user focus on our capabilities, therefore we animated those icons.

Adding some motion to your website should be not only fun but have purpose behind them as well. Next time your team thinks of adding animation to your site, ask yourselves “What value could an animated tools bring to this site not only for the user, but for the business?”