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LinkedIn for Small Business

As we continue our blog series on Social Media for Small Business, this week we focus on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will become extremely important for businesses in 2014 with the release of targeted advertising and the opportunities for networking. Read on to learn more on how to get your LinkedIn page up to snuff to make the most of your company page this year.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page
First things first: you must utilize a personal LinkedIn profile in order to create a company page. There are additional requirements for adding a company page such as having your own unique domain and you must have a company email address. For list of complete requirements, please visit the LinkedIn Help Center. Once your personal profile meets all of the requirements, you may begin the process of creating a company page.

Optimizing Your Company Page
While creating your company page, you must write a company description. It is important that this description is optimized with relevant keywords as well as other aspects of your profile page. Also important is claiming a Vanity URL for your company. LinkedIn automatically assigns your profile a mix of numbers as your URL. To better optimize your company profile; be sure to use the option of using your company name in your URL instead of the group of numbers.

In addition to utilizing keywords and getting a Vanity URL, it is also important to note that LinkedIn offers recommendations. The easiest way to get these is to Request a Recommendation by going into your Privacy and Settings, Manage your Recommendations, and Ask for a Recommendation. You can request a recommendation from any of your connections, but we advise reaching out to current and former employees and clients when beginning.

Targeted Advertising
In the past six months, LinkedIn began targeted advertising for companies. The targeted advertising encompasses the ability to create ads and sponsor updates. When creating an ad, keep in mind what professionals you are targeting. This is extremely important because in LinkedIn ads you can target specific locations, positions, skills, and much more. This means research will become essential. Also important is having a call to action within the copy of your LinkedIn ad.