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March Madness Marketing – Small Business Style

1.)  Cheer With Consumers
Consumers like to have fun and be engaged by others, whether you are operating a B2B or B2C company. Use March Madness marketing to insert your company into this fun by asking them to share their brackets with you on social media or even who will win the next big game. Also, use social media to cheer on the Cinderella story of the tournament because who doesn’t love an underdog? Engaging your consumers in this way gives your brand personality and awareness.

2.)  Local Team Loyalty
If you are a small-medium business, choose the local team as the national champion in your company’s bracket and share that via your website, social media, or email marketing. There are plenty of creative ways to craft the support for local basketball, especially if you are located in Kentucky.

Afraid to pick a team in case you spark a rival’s interest? Run with it! Creating conversation with a consumer will encourage others to join in with you.

3.)  Brick-and-Mortar for the Win
If your business has a brick-and-mortar store, encourage consumers via social media and email marketing to come into the store, present their winning (or so-far winning) bracket after the first, second, or third round for a special prize or future discount. Use the digital space to drive your foot traffic!

4.)  Live Tweet Big Games
Be active on social media, especially on Twitter during the Elite Eight, Final Four, and rivalry games. Placing your company with the correct hashtags will insert yourself into potential consumers conversations as they get fired up for their team. Also, many are now tuning in to watch their teams play on their mobile devices making it easy for them to switch to a social app during a commercial to voice an opinion.

5.)  Don’t Lose to Trademarks
The NCAA has trademarked many of the phrases that are so common for the tournament so choose your words wisely. No one is interested in receiving a cease-and-desist letter during this exciting month. Some of these phrases include March Madness, Final Four, and Elite Eight. Also, don’t place your logo on an NCAA bracket. Unless you are a corporate partner for the tournament, it’s best to avoid these words in advertising.