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Mobile Friendly Site: Ready or Not

More than a week after Googles new mobile-friendly algorithm was released, the amount of questions and phone calls that have our team has answered are numerous. While reading this, remember that most traffic a website gets is in the form of organic search.

Google’s algorithm update means it is time to be mobile-friendly.

This means not in six months and certainly not in a year. You have worked hard on your on-site optimization and your content creation to be found on Google and for that brand awareness to be there. If you want to continue to rank for your keywords, your only option here is to offer your visitors a mobile site or redesign your site into a responsive website.

A mobile app will not help your organic search.

With mobile apps being such a standard or differentiator for small businesses in the last few years, many are assuming that their website does not need to be mobile friendly and it will not affect their organic search. While a mobile app obviously improves search rankings in the apps portion of Google, it does not help in regards to organic search. This means that your website is still being penalized by Google and will be until your site is mobile friendly.

This is an advantage for small businesses.

When you compare small businesses to larger companies, it can be seen time and time again that small businesses are able to adapt to change more quickly and readily than larger companies. This means that while large companies spend the next eight months working on a new mobile or responsive website, a small business can have designs approved and developed in a matter of two months. An extra six months of higher search ranking over a large company can mean bigger traffic and bigger business.