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Pinteresting Content: How Pinterest Builds Awareness

We love working with Small Businesses and they are now making their way into the social media realm.  However, Pinterest seems to keep getting overlooked as a powerful marketing and social media tool.  Pinterest is a great way to visually showcase your product or service and when used correctly can be an invaluable part of your social media marketing plan. Pinterest definitely builds awareness for brands.

Below are 5 ways you can use Pinterest to your advantage.

1)   Create a Recognizable Brand

You want to make sure that your potential customers or site visitors are easily able to identify your brand and the content you posted.  This can include creating branded boards, logos or company colors on your Pins, and consistency in lighting and display of products.

2)   Pre-Populate Your Pin Descriptions

Make sure you create a targeted message for each Pin. You don’t want to force the user to come up with a new description or just add a one-word description that doesn’t make sense to other users viewing the Pin.

3)   Add the Pin It Button to ALL products

This service is free from Pinterest and it allows customers to save products on Pinterest so that even more people can become aware or purchase your product or service.  Learn more about Pin It buttons here: https://business.pinterest.com/en/pin-it-button.

4)   Repin other User’s Content

This may seem counterintuitive, but by pinning popular Pins from other more established companies and relating it to your brand you are increasing awareness and hopefully eventually driving customers to your Pinterest page.

5)   Use Typography and Infographics to Make Otherwise Boring Content more Engaging

Maybe you are a customer service company and don’t have images or products, so you might want to create an interesting typography Pin to attract interest in your superior service. Or, you might have a long process that can be shortened and put into a neat infographic that is both eye-catching and engaging.