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Product Photography For eCommerce

As social media platforms shift from text-based to visual content, consumers are following suit with their e-commerce expectations. Google Trends confirms that modern consumers consistently favor product photography  that tells a compelling story. But with so much visual content generated each day, getting your products in front of consumers’ eyes can be a herculean task. So how can your brand break through the digital clutter and connect with consumers? By elevating your e-commerce strategy to include attention-grabbing product photography.
The right product photography can make or break your e-commerce strategy. The days of offering singular product images and angles are over. Today’s shoppers want to experience digital products in just as much detail as they could if they held your product in their hands. They expect online shopping experiences that mirror, or even surpass, brick-and-mortar offerings.

Why Is Product Photography So Important?

Producing high quality photos of your products and packaging, optimized for e-commerce sites like Amazon, has become essential to driving sales. Surveyed consumers report that detailed product photography influences their purchase decisions in a variety of ways. In fact, 67%  of product users say images are particularly important factors in purchasing decisions, and 63%  of consumers rely on images more than product descriptions when purchasing.
Multiple in-depth photos allow consumers to explore important product design details, materials, quality, size and fit that aren’t immediately obvious. Extensive product photography also creates immersive experiences for consumers. Through photos and infographics, you can help your consumers better understand what you are selling and expedite that coveted “add to cart” click.

Product Photography Tips For eCommerce

If you’re looking for new ways to jumpstart your digital shelf sales and expand your e-commerce strategy, check out the following tips to optimize your product photography:

  • Display high-quality, 3-D, clickable photos. 

Do your photos accurately reflect product colors, textures, and functionality? Are consumers able to zoom in closely or rotate product images in all directions? Providing these virtual interactions will increase consumer trust that your e-commerce product can meet their needs. Embedding clickable “product details” links within product photos also allows consumers to easily learn more about your products and move them toward purchasing.

  • Focus on background and product positioning. 

Colorful or patterned backgrounds can distract consumers from your products. Let your products steal the show by keeping photo backgrounds minimal. At (spark), we recommend crisp white backgrounds to truly highlight your products. After you’ve established an undistracting background, frame your photos carefully and shoot from multiple camera angles to showcase your products’ size and quality.

  • Lighting matters. 

New, innovative products need to look the part, so be sure to photograph your products with plenty of natural or studio light and avoid using color-changing filters. Good lighting not only gives consumers that fresh product feel, but it also shows consumers the true colors of your products. Pay special attention to light distribution so that product features do not get lost in dark shadows.

  • Appeal to consumer emotions. 

Because photos influence emotions, think about the types of emotions you are hoping to elicit in your target audience. Are you a clothing brand who wants consumers to feel strong and empowered? Or maybe you’re a health-focused company offering products that will make consumers feel energized and capable. If your product photography can convey these emotions, consumers will move more quickly toward purchasing because they will want to share in these feelings.

  • Highlight product features. 

Think through the many uses of your products and why consumers might want to explore these features, and let this information guide your photo sessions. Capture images that highlight your products’ utility and unique features to help consumers feel confident in their decision to purchase.

  • Familiarize yourself with e-commerce requirements.  

If you’re partnering with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, instead of selling your products directly from your own digital storefront, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with each platform’s product photography requirements. Will you primarily be advertising on e-commerce platforms that require square images, or where your products will be competing in a cluttered visual space? If so, make sure your product photos can be cropped to fit these platforms, and that you’re aware of all e-commerce platform guidelines (like these guidelines for Amazon photography ) before shooting new product photos.

  • Harness the power of sizzle reels. 

Are you feeling extra creative and really want to pack an innovative punch with your product photography? Give your existing photo content new life by repurposing it in product sizzle reels  that can bring your product photography to life in dynamic new ways.

Set your e-commerce store up for success by ensuring you have the right product photography to engage your customers and drive sales. Connect today to learn how (spark)’s content packages  can help you create, capture, and capitalize on magic moments in your brand’s story.