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Socialcoaster: The Next Big Thing?

We have all experienced the Facebook rants, the Tweets with a 3 second life span, the Instagram selfies, and the self-proclaimed Vine producers. Now everyone is thirsting for yet another social tool to spill our lives into. Lucky for you, a new mobile app has recently been released that will yet again change the way that we network.

Fellow Murray State graduate, Jonathan Burdon, has created a new completely mobile social networking application called Socialcoaster. Socialcoaster officially launched at the end of March 2014 and is a free location-based network that shares events based on streaming photos and location. Users can interact with each other not only in their respective areas, but around the world. Pictures from surrounding events are shared by users on the site. You can even create your own events and invite friends. Users can also enjoy their friend’s photos, scrapbooks, and comments. The “Scrapbook” feature organizes and shares past events and memories into one collective album. The best part about this app is that it is centered on user collaboration and is one of the most public tools out there, much like a combination of Instagram and an extension of the Facebook check in feature.

Until now, there haven’t been many networks that were based on mobile location services. That alone is what makes Socialcoaster so unique. Socialcoaster is able to tailor each user’s experiences and recommend different events that the user would enjoy based on user preferences. Another great attribute is that the company is completely open to suggestions. Judging by their Facebook page, they have been taking users’ comments and suggestions into consideration while creating updates to the app to make it even more user friendly, they are the ones dictating the success of the company after all.

With the amount of usage growing daily, Socialcoaster is beneficial for businesses to get a leg up for obvious reasons. When someone checks in or shares a picture of a business or event, that information can be shared with all of their Socialcoaster friends, Facebook, and Twitter followers (sounds like some great PR to me). This application is exceedingly beneficial for business conferences, tradeshows, or other company events to keep up with what is going on from different attendee’s perspectives. Since I can remember, I have been told that the key to success is the ability to network. Socialcoaster enables a new way to network that will propel users not only personally, but also professionally.

So go like, download, comment, tweet, and post about Socialcoaster because it is the next big thing since Snapchat. Be sure to keep checking in to our blog for more of JUMP’s posts about all things digital.