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Tech Tip: FollowUp.cc

Here is a technology AND tip I’m excited to share today that helps keep track of tasks, due-outs and follow-up items.

It’s an email service appropriately called Followup.cc.

I first heard of Followup.cc when I was listening to a Podcast by “Mailbox Zero” guru and author of “Less Doing”, Ari Meisel.

FollowUp.cc is an automated email reminder tool that is platform-independent. It is similar to Boomerang. You can schedule emails to be sent at a specific time in the future and you can create email reminders right in your inbox.

My email and calendar systems are my number one and number two most-used, most-efficient and most relied upon business tools I use.

When an email comes in to me —and before I sort, delete or respond to the email— I often forward the email to my followup.cc account. The email then ‘comes back’ to me at the time I specified, when I can either work on the task, respond or when I wanted to be reminded of the subject of the email.

For example. I get a new business email lead and I am busy working on another project. I forward the email to 2hours@followup.cc. The email will come back to me in 2 hours and I can either ‘snooze’ the email by specifying another time duration when this email comes back to me again. 

The email will only be resent to my inbox as long as I tell it to via the ‘snooze’ or reschedule setting. 

So, the task stays in my email and serves as a constant reminder until I tell it to stop and/or complete the task.

One Followup.cc account will track up to 5 emails at a nominal yearly subscription.

Logging into my account online, I can review the previously submitted followups. 

Often times when responding to a person via email, I’ll ‘bcc’ a time related @followup.cc so that I am reminded to check on email, subject, person, etc.

If you don’t put the @followup.cc email in the bcc line but rather the cc line, all parties will receive the email again at the time you specified.

I’ve inadvertently made that mistake on a few occasions!