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Tech Tip: Social Media Policies

Everyone is on social media these days¬≠¬≠ – your brother, your 2nd grade teacher, your grandma and even…. your dog? As of 2015, over 65 percent of American adults use social networking sites to connect with friends, read the latest news and share information about their interests. With the rise of its popularity, it’s hard to ignore the amount of notifications that ping from computers around the office. As a way to minimize these pings and buzzes, it may be time to change your office’s social media policy.

Stop inviting your coworkers to play Candy Crush.

Trust us, they don’t want to play. No one wants that awkward moment of deleting a game request from the person sitting right next to them.

Don’t live tweet the office antics.

They probably aren’t that interesting anyways. No one wants to know you had to sit through another meeting that could have been an email.

Only post one picture to Instagram a day.

Your followers do not need to see what you ate for breakfast, lunch and your three-course dinner. Keep it to one post a day to not overload other people’s Instagram feeds.

Keep Facebook article shares to a maximum of three per day.

Nobody has time to read more than three Facebook articles a day, and neither do you. Get back to work.

Don’t go crazy with the “Like” button.

Your boss can see what you like on Facebook if you’re friends with them. Do you really want your co-workers to see that you like ‘Dear Pringles, I Cannot Fit My Hand Inside your Tube of Deliciousness‘ or ‘Owling: People Sharing Pics of Themselves as Owls‘ when you can’t even like your company’s own Facebook page?

Know the difference between what to post on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Baby photos and articles about cats are not LinkedIn appropriate. Each social media network has a different purpose: know them.

Don’t go #hashtag crazy, and yes 10 is too many.

#Do #not #use #hash #tags #like #this

If you put more than two filters on your photos, you’ve gone too far.

If you don’t look like the same person on your Insta post as you do in real life, delete that post right now. Nobody wants to hire someone who false advertises.

No selfies in the workplace.

Your coworkers may judge you for making duck faces at your phone. 

Ask yourself to Emoji, or not to Emoji?

The kissy face emoji and the smiley face emoji have two different meanings. Do not mix them up (especially when talking with your boss).