Gilda Wabbit

For LGBTQ+ individuals, the refrain of “But look how far you’ve come!” often meets their expressions of societal and representational challenges. Even within the community itself, the priorities of those unique letters can diverge, sometimes fracturing unity.


Fear of the unfamiliar is a major catalyst to division and prejudice. It is the unknown that keeps people in the dark, afraid. That is why it is crucial to shine a light of love and empowerment on those who are some of most vulnerable—yet somehow still the bravest among us—to reveal the common threads that bind us all together as one regardless of gender, sexuality, or artistic expression—and show us how much work there still is to be done.

Telling stories is powerful. Especially when the subjects are their own storytellers. Especially when their stories intersect with an era wrought with social and political uncertainty that threatens to ruin what so many fought so hard to build for those who came after.


Please, welcome to the stage…Naomi Wayne.


As a trans woman, as a drag queen formerly known as Gilda Wabbit, and as a powerful advocate for authenticity, Naomi not only illuminates but also inspires us to accept ourselves and celebrate each other’s differences through a mutual understanding of universal truths.


In her story, we witness the work Naomi is doing to create a safe space for those in her local community and her passion to push the limits of what people think she is capable of or allowed to do. Naomi has been told “No” her whole life. Her story may be uniquely hers and emblematic of the LGBTQ+ experience, but at its core is a narrative of making your way in the world and overcoming obstacles to create a safe, enriching, and meaningful life. Who can’t relate to that?


When viewers experience Naomi’s story, she invites them to open their hearts and minds to how their own actions impact others and how they have the power to choose what kind of impact that will be. Because when we choose kindness and love, we lift each other up as a society—and there is no limit to far we can go.