University of Cincinnati

To promote their new campaign “Education Unleashed,” the University of Cincinnati needed a TV ad to reach their current and potential students. They wanted a production house that would take them somewhere new, somewhere different – while still staying on campus. And they came to the right place. We told their story in a cinematic way that felt fresh and exciting.

Education Without Classrooms

Our spot had to stand out. Think of every education commercial you’ve seen. What do they have in common? Yeah, classrooms. We translated UC’s fresh perspective on teaching into an inspiring video using real UC students, professors and staff. But not a single classroom.

Think Bold And Big

Once we had our creative concept, the content had to feel native to the distribution network. For the online and ESPN placement, we matched epic storytelling and imagery with the raw talent you might see in a college football broadcast.

The Best In Class

In addition to creating full ads displaying the university, we also made short, fun snippets of life on the campus.

Meet 'Em Where They Are

To reach more of their young adult audience, we also created YouTube pre-roll ads. We developed a separate, creative concept for this medium. But while the content was different from the TV spot, the message “Do More” was the same.

Stock Footage Has A Moment

Our cat-video-loving audience knows stock footage when they see the staged image. So, in four, 15-second YouTube pre-roll ads, we instead used (cost-effective) stock B-roll and added humor with voiceover. The self-aware tone and real-world thinking illustrated how UC thinks differently as a leader in education.


Our creative chemistry with the University of Cincinnati is the real deal. Here’s a bit of what our UC clients have to say about us.

“Their team was easy to work with and professional. They hired a best-in-class crew that executed quality work in a short amount of time. Most notable is (spark)’s cinematic approach to storytelling. Not only did they successfully tell our story, they told it beautifully.” – Ashley Bleggi, Director of Marketing at the University of Cincinnati