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How AI Solutions Can Enhance Your Video Production Work

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, AI solutions have become a cornerstone for work enhancement across diverse industries. Its transformative impact on productivity and decision-making is undeniable. AI has the power to enhance collaboration and increase productivity across internal teams. By leveraging AI solutions in the digital marketing space, businesses can gain valuable consumer insights, identify engagement patterns, and elevate content performance. 

AI algorithms have the potential to process and segment vast quantities of data, so rather than a marketing team expending unnecessary time and energy, artificial intelligence tools can help brands create highly targeted and effective video marketing campaigns. With these limitless benefits and opportunities, it is easy to see why businesses are incorporating AI solutions into their marketing strategies.

The Power of AI Solutions

AI has undoubtedly improved work productivity and become a useful tool for content creation. However, discussing AI solutions at a high level without providing concrete examples of how these solutions can service your brand would be ridiculous. (spark) understands that your brand needs tangible examples of how this technology can positively impact its marketing future. 

AI innovations are revolutionizing video production at breakneck speed, influencing everything from editing automations and enhanced storytelling to optimized workflow that delivers exceptional results. Let’s discuss five of the primary advantages of incorporating AI into your brand’s video creation process.

  1. AI solutions can repurpose existing branded content to create realistic videos. These cutting-edge tools can seamlessly transform dense text into engaging video campaigns without the headache of complex production that relies on human actors. 
  2. Marketers can leverage AI solutions to create, edit, and publish podcasts more quickly. As seamlessly as your team creates docs and slides, these powerful AI tools can capture, edit, and publish videos.
  3. Incorporating AI solutions into your video production process can enable your brand to develop new video content without hiring a film crew. These savings can have an extremely positive effect on your production budget and free up funds for other marketing projects.
  4. Effective video creation begins with team collaboration, and setting your team up with AI tools that foster communication will help ensure that every video campaign is optimized.
  5. AI solutions are so technologically advanced that they can generate human-like voices and intonation to help your brand create and publish professional-grade video content.

Exploring AI Tools for Video Production

Alongside the exponential growth of AI within the digital marketing world, innovators have created multiple AI tools to help your brand enhance its video production. If you’re on the fence and wondering how AI solutions could enhance your marketing team’s video production, (spark) has compiled a list of the top six most accessible artificial intelligence tools you can start using today.

1. Automated Editing Software: Lumen5 and Descript

Lumen5 and descript logos as Automated Editing SoftwareAI-driven editing tools can analyze footage, identify patterns, and execute edits swiftly, saving time and effort in the post-production phase. They streamline workflows by automating repetitive tasks, allowing creators to focus on the creative aspects of storytelling. Two AI solutions you might consider incorporating into your marketing workflow to help you create engaging video content more easily are Lumen5 and Descript.  

  • Lumen5 allows you to grow your brand and drive demand through their online video creator. The Lumen5 platform is a more straightforward way to develop a presentation and can automatically turn existing content like blog posts into captivating videos. Choose from hundreds of customizable Lumen5 templates to keep your video messaging on-brand and on budget. 
  • Descript is a full-service tool that enables your team to collaborate, write, record, edit, publish, and communicate more effectively. With AI features like realistic voice cloning and automated transcription, Descript elevates your video content to new levels and can even be used to produce branded podcasts.

2. Visual Effects and CGI: RunwayML and Unity Muse


logos for RunwayML and Unity Musy as Visual Effects and CGI tools

AI is redefining visual effects and computer-generated imagery (CGI) by generating realistic effects and animations, elevating the visual appeal of videos, and expanding creative possibilities. If your brand needs AI solutions that can __, discover the many benefits of RunwayML and Unity Muse.  

  • RunwayML helps you synthesize text to create realistic videos without the need to actually film new content. The RunwayML platform provides a suite of helpful features called AI Magic Tools, including Slow Mo and Motion Brush, so that you can easily generate, expand, reimagine, and edit videos and imagines.

  • Unity Muse capabilities use natural language input and prompts to help your team generate new ideas, explore new concepts, troubleshoot code errors, create prototypes, and unify your video style. This platform is designed to complement your creative process and streamline your video production 

3. Storytelling Enhancement: Rephrase and Elevenlabs

Storytelling Enhancement applications Rephrase and Elevenlabs

AI-powered analytics help marketers better understand audience preferences and needs, which enables creators to tailor their branded narratives for maximum consumer engagement. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis aid in crafting compelling stories that resonate with viewers. Elevate your brand’s storytelling by using AI-driven solutions like Rephrase and Elevenlabs.

  • Rephrase is a new addition to Adobe Creative Cloud and empowers brands to create professional-level videos. Through the Rephrase Studio platform, users can choose a template and create high-quality video content with a digital avatar in minutes. You can also customize content, alter backgrounds, increase pauses between words, or add custom audio.

  • Elevenlabs is an AI solution that enables marketers to create videos, games, audiobooks, and chatbots with realistic AI voices. Using natural text-to-speech and Al voice generator functions, Elevenlabs enables you to generate high-quality spoken audio in any voice, style, and language. 

Join the future of AI solutions in video marketing to enhance your brand’s video production work. If you need guidance or support to begin your AI journey, reach out to the (spark) team to see how a partnership with our full-service agency can benefit your brand. (spark) delivers compelling stories to your target audience with speed and agility. Our team is ready to collaborate and execute your vision for your next video production.