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What Every Brand Needs to Know About a Full-Service Production Agency

It is no secret that a traditional production agency takes creativity seriously, but hiring just any production company doesn’t ensure that your company’s needs will be met. Even the most prolific traditional production companies may not deliver in the ways you need them to. It is necessary to understand how a full-service production agency can grow your business  and elevate your content in ways a traditional production agency cannot. 

Brands reach outside their internal teams to find support when campaign creation needs exceed their in-house capabilities. Most brands require assistance creating strategy, executing plans, or tracking KPI’s to consistently produce successful campaigns. If your brand needs support to create content that not only meets expectations, but also produces results, you may want to consider working with a full-service production agency.

Is a Full-Service Production Agency Right for You?

While traditional agencies can fill in gaps and provide support in specific areas that your company isn’t equipped to handle, such as photography production or video editing, a full-service production agency handles the entire project scope. Full-Service Production Agencies are versatile professional experts who produce high-quality campaigns from start to finish. These agencies offer your company access to top-notch writers, directors, producers, and editors whose priority is creating great content for your brand. From initial photography to post-production, full-service agencies take care of every detail. 

One of the greatest features of working with a full-service production agency is the flexibility it affords your company, because your team can be as involved—or uninvolved—as they like, and you will still receive quality content. In addition to flexibility, full-service agencies increase your spend value, efficiency, and consistency. They enable your team to channel their energy toward other necessary campaigns instead of worrying about how to rent expensive equipment, organize project flow, or find editing software to produce the high-quality content you need. And lastly, full-service agencies know what types of content connect with consumers. They have worked within multiple industries and engaged wide demographics, and they know how to produce media that sells your products well.

(spark) Delivers Full-Service Production

When you collaborate with a full-service production agency, you can trust a set of professionals to handle every aspect of advertising outside of creative post-production work. (spark) is a full-service production agency tailored to understand your strategy and produce quality content, from engaging videos to dynamic websites.

We bring a strategic approach to production strategy for our clients, helping you navigate the increasingly complex world in which production now sits. We ensure that what is executed is the right message, on the right channel, at the right time, to the right person. (spark) integrates human connection with technology to deliver successful media campaigns for our clients that include:

  • Consultative approaches to project development that partner our team with yours 
  • Consultative approaches to project development that partner our team with yours
  • Audience insights that inform brainstorming, content creation and platform development
  • Coordinated production logistics and schedules
  • Branded video production and photography production services
  • Relevant stories that best fit your brand
  • Optimized, measured content and microcontent 
  • App and web development
  • Web production via data-driven SEO
  • Trade show planning and design
  • Efficient, maximized individual projects
  • Agility to adapt to brand needs, new trends, and consumer expectations
  • Always-on marketing to support customer acquisition and retention

As a full-service production agency, (spark) is designed to plug into to our clients’ existing marketing teams to ensure that each campaign is executed successfully. Depending on your needs and other agency relationships, we can lead as your agency of record or provide support as an extension of your current marketing teams. To learn more about how our scalable model can help you exceed your KPIs, connect with (spark) today.