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SMUD RFP Response

Our team is passionate about telling great stories and we feel change, especially change that will affect so many, is a powerful one that we’re excited to help you tell.

—Kenny Friedman, Executive Creative Director

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Such Great Heights


SMUD has set a high bar for itself as a responsible and sustainable energy provider for the Sacramento region. From the streets downtown to the row crops of farm country, SMUD is reaching new levels of improvement and efficiency for their grid that are pushing its goals to new heights.

Dynamic visuals will explore our electrical ecosystem from earth to sky will show our customers that we’re serious about what’s ahead for our city.


In this video we showcase Sacramento’s diverse landscape and the people who call it home. Through a combination of dynamic visuals and a captivating grid-style edit, we’ll connect SMUD’s clean energy solutions with the people they impact. Elevating the grid, quite literally, becomes a metaphor for SMUD’s 2030 goals.

Such Great Heights

2030 is more than a date.


It’s our destination for zero carbon.

At SMUD we’re committed to creating more energy
from renewable resources while reconfiguring our power plants to improve air quality.

We’re electrifying our fleet.


Greening our buildings.

And accelerating clean energy with our first grid-scale battery farm.

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SMUD is making big changes for 2030, but a lot of companies make big claims for the future. So how do we show that we’re serious? Well, we have someone from the future tell our customers the powerful moves we’ve made.


This energetic “walk and talk” video features a diverse cast exploring Sacramento neighborhoods. The twist, they’re from 2030 and have seen the dramatic changes SMUD’s commitment to zero carbon has brought about. It’s a fresh, relatable way to showcase SMUD’s progress and inspire viewers to join the Clean Power City Movement.

A Powerful Future

(we see 4 people, but one is talking)
Woman 1: Hi! We’re from the future. We don’t look so different, mostly because it’s only 2030.


(others walk off camera as Woman 1 continues)

Woman 1: Everything looks the same but a lot has changed. That’s because way back in 2024 SMUD decided it would commit to zero carbon by 2030.

Man: So what did they do?


Reconfigured their power plants to improve air quality.

Boy: They greened their buildings and electrified their fleet – (shocking right?)

Woman 2: and accelerated clean energy with their grid-scale battery farm.

Script :30

Join the Charge


SMUD is taking bold steps to make Sacramento a zero-carbon city by 2030, but they know that individual actions make the biggest difference. This PSA style concept highlights the many easy and affordable ways people can join the Clean PowerCity Movement.


Striking visuals – live action, drone footage, and timelapse – showcase the power of SMUD’s clean energy initiatives. The video seamlessly blends community spirit with individual action, highlighting how everyday choices contribute to a zero-carbon Sacramento by 2030.  The powerful closing emphasizes SMUD’s partnership with the community: “Sacramento is your clean power city,” inspiring viewers to join the Clean PowerCity Movement.

Join the Charge

VO: Any power company can deliver energy to your home.


But it takes a community like Sacramento to create a clean power city.

At SMUD, we’re leading the charge.


Creating more renewable energy.


All-electric fleets.


Green buildings.

And the first grid-scale battery farm.


It’s all part of our vision to make Sacramento zero-carbon by 2030.

Because SMUD is your power company.


And Sacramento is your clean power city.


Today, and for generations to come.


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